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Plated-through hole repairing
Damage put in evidence:
9 ruptured tracks / 21 perforations on substrate due to unsuitable tool usage / 4 damaged plated holes
Trous avant réparation
Operations applied on each hole
  1. Spot facing on both sides for eyelet slot.
  2. Eyelet presentation, length and ø adjustment.
  3. Clearing of the internal layers for connection.
  4. Eyelet crimping / Preparing, adjusting and brazing the tracks.
  5. Correction to perforations.
Trous aprés réparation
Fleche Microniks
Multi-layer connection repairing
8 plated holes torn off on connector
Repairing a plated-through hole
with connection on internal layer.

Trous sur autre connecteur
  1. Remove the metallized shaft.
  2. Clear the internal track by milling the substrate.
  3. Adjust a spare eyelet.
  4. Connect the eyelet to the internal track with a flange.
  5. Reconstitute the substrate.
  6. Crimp the eyelet.
  7. Braze and finish.