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In a framework of continuous formation, Microniks proposes mostly practical topics that are targeting fabrication, assembly, maintenance and repair of electronic cards. For efficiency purposes, practicing high reliability techniques in an intensive manner and actual work conditions is mandatory.

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ATC 400 : Advanced techniques for manual brazing with or without lead (according ROHS directives).
Duration : 4 days
Goal: familiarize technicians to various techniques involving traversing components / CMS assembly and removal.
MF100: Integration, Wiring, Bundles,
Duration: 4 days
Goal: use various techniques of wired connections while decomposing each critical stage of the process: crimping, rear joins, shield renewal, splices, sleeves, collars, etc.
FMR 100 : Link wires setting,
Durée : 3 jours
Goal: secure link wires settings in the framework of changes applied in aeronautics or military domain.
R100 : Change and Repair techniques;
Duration: 3 days
Goal: secure simple repairs and changes involved in restoring damaged cards: connection renewal, component addition, band and ruptured track repair, damaged substrate reconstitution.
CP 100: Electronic Components
Duration: 3 days
Goal: familiarize cabling technicians who are lacking of electronics knowledge in various traversing components and CMS: Component identification, functions, units, orientation.
This lecture is based on an original educational support in the form of an electronic game.
CQ 100 : Quality Criteria
Duration: 1 day
Goal: review criteria for accepting or rejecting brazed connections, according to IPC standard's classes 1, 2 and 3.
Other, specific Process or Quality oriented trainings adapted to assembly processes: FMEA, SPC, SMED, TPM, CORDAC, etc.

The detailed agendas for these trainings are established and adapted accordingly to activity types, expressed requirements, difficulties met in the workplace or at participants' level. A high flexibility allows a best preparation of on-site operations, adaptation of equipments and a possibility to intervene on client's specific products.

Be it for general public, industry, automobile, medical, aeronautics: together we define the training contents best tailored to your needs.