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On site training

Should you want to train your workforce inside your own enterprise we can go on site, put our equipment at your disposal and conduct training sessions in your premises.

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In France or abroad, we always carry all the equipment that meet training requirements (fully equipped welding posts, binoculars, video devices, individual and team tools, educational material, printed cards and various components).

We simply ask to dispose of a room, roughly 40 sqm, furnished with an appropriate number of tables (1,20 x 0,8 m) and height adjustable chairs. We carry out the installation and removal of all the equipment. To this effect, we arrive on the day before the first day of the session and leave on the day after the last day of the session.

Such dispositions avoid moving your workforce outside and create a true dynamics inside your enterprise. Equally, our instructors' availability allows tackling difficulties possibly met on the workplace.