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MICRONIKS Europe is a training center for electronics. It aims at both basic and advanced training on high reliability techniques for assembling and extracting traditional components and C.M.S. on printed circuit modern boards.

An excellent professional qualification should not be overlooked.
Most frequent failures result from unsuitable welding.
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  • On-site training : all topics can be proposed in your enterprise, equipment and tools suitable to electronic card repair are installed on site (up to 7 participants per session).

  • Training at Bayonne : access to Bayonne is easy (TGV station, airport, highway). The 'Centre Consulaire de Formation' of Bayonne's Industry and Trade Chamber features an important set of facilities: auditorium, showing rooms, electronic repair shops, relaxation spaces and a cafeteria. These installations, allowing a strong ability to react, are put at everyone's disposal to answer enterprises' varied and specific requirements.

Training sessions are available everywhere in France and abroad thanks to our mobile workshops.