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Assistance and Expertise
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Microniks proposes assistance services in every domain involving mass production lines for electronics:

  • Assembly techniques (brazing, gluing, crimping, wiring, etc.);
  • Technologies (no-lead brazing, printed circuits, components, material, ESD);
  • Implementation of specific standards and visual referential ;
  • Project management, introduction or qualification of new production lines and new equipment;
  • Expertise, fabrication problems solving;
  • Workgroup coaching, FMEA for processes, products or assembly means, process statistical control, mass production management;

Our contributors are issued from the electronics field in aeronautics, automobile or general public. The proposed services benefit from the experience they have gained in production lines.

   Examples of assistance:

Development of a hybrid circuit acceptance referential.

Study for a high reliability brazing solution related to engine cable bun outputs (in aeronautics).

ROHS line qualification: process setting and operating modes, maintenance manuals, forming and qualifying the operators, on wave soldering and CLS equipments

ESD audit of an electronic assembly shop: compliance check against standards and improvement recommendations.

Implementation of a varnish protection line in a printed circuit unit: requirement definition, planning and budget preparation, process and equipment supplier selection, implementation study, qualification tests.